Northwest / Cumbria

Lake District

England's Naturally Sculpted Lake District

The Lake District is about 34 miles square. Its features are a result of periods of glaciation, the most recent of which ended some 15,000 years ago. These include the ice-carved wide U-shaped valleys, many of which are now filled with the lakes that give the park its name.

The upper regions contain a number of glacial cirques, which are typically filled with tarns. The higher fells are rocky, with lower fells being open moorland, notable for its wide bracken and heather coverage. Below the tree line native oak woodlands sit alongside nineteenth century pine plantations.


The Lake District is one of the most highly populated national parks and was designated as a National Park in 1951.

Full immersion courses for singles or groups from overseas

Classic English language training can be combined with outward bound activities in the Lake District. Abseiling, kayaking, fell-walking, sailing, horseback riding, climbing and cycling are just a few of the exciting outdoor activities available with expert guides.  For further details please contact us.